Web-Application Designer & Developer

Hello! My name is Christian. I am a 20 years old designer and developer from Germany. I love the modern style &
cope with the challenges of. I am available for freelance work, you can get in touch with me via email.

Lysania 2

I designed a Website, Forum &
Client-Patcher for a online mmorpg
wich is called Lysania 2.
It was a lot of fun to make it, but
also hard work.


I designed this Website for a multigaming Clan called "Unique Legacy". I personaly love the modern style. The Backend is still under construction.

Other works

In my free time i make not only Webdesigns or
code php applications, I also love it to make
Signatures, Banner and Freebees for other People.
Befor i start with my work i designed Youtube
Banners, Signatures and other things like that.


I make also Webdesigns and scripts for companys,
wich dont offer online games or something like that.
Iam realy interested in the work with Servers,
automatic systems and complex Content Management
Systems wich are based on php and javascript.

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